Our People

Our People, Our Team

Leadership Team

Executive Officers

Edward Prather - CEO—Ed is a seasoned industry professional with over thirty years of experience in engineering, new technologies and alternative energy sources. Ed has had key involvement in the development of power control systems, high-speed digital processing platforms and video imaging systems. He served as engineering manager at Eaton Corp / Westinghouse Electric for over ten years and vice president of engineering at Continuum Technology. In 1997, Ed founded Nexus Technologies, Inc. Mr. Prather holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.
Dan Conti - President, COO—Dan has a long track record of accomplishments in electronic manufacturing and product design. He has successfully established and managed technology start-up companies that produced advancements in leading edge technology in high-speed data communications, embedded control systems, IoT device design, and edge-to-cloud communications data security. In addition to Nexus, Dan has used his innovative leadership style as the president of several technology companies, including Continuum Technology Corporation. Mr. Conti holds a Computer Systems engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Engineering Team

This team makes the imagination of one the reality of many. With full-time highly-seasoned engineers, we’re strategically positioned to address critical architectural issues and successfully assist customers in the development of project strategy and product design.

Our custom software development services include the embedded firmware for wearable systems, industrial communications and controllers, DSP applications, and the cloud. We utilize many operating systems and programming languages such as RTOS, Linux, C, C++, IAR IDE, Code Composer, VisualDSP++, etc.

Manufacturing Team

Our skilled team of professionals who work in manufacturing are prepared to meet any challenge we send their way. Our world-class scalable manufacturing is only enhanced by our quality, lean and continuous improvement programs.

As an ISO 9001 company, all of our programs are the foundation for customer satisfaction and long-term business growth. As we like to say, quality performance is paramount.